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Download latest FTS 19 APK aka First Touch Soccer 19 is one hell of a game in terms of graphics, visuals, and gameplay.
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FTS 19 Apk for Android/ iOS & Windows/MAC Computer: If you are not a football fan then I think you are at the wrong place as this post is dedicated to all those crazy football fans out there who love to play some virtual football on their Android/ iOS devices or Windows/MAC Computer. Out of all the fantastic mobile football games, the one which stands out and leaves it mark is FTS or First Touch Soccer. The latest version of FTS aka First Touch Soccer 19 is one hell of a game in terms of graphics, visuals, and gameplay. In this post, we will share with you the steps to download and play this fantastic game on your Android/ iOS devices or Windows/MAC Computer.

But, before divulging to you the steps to get this game on your portable mobile device or PC; it is mandatory to share with you the awesome features of this game which really has made this game climb to the top of the popularity list amongst all football mobile games. Check them out below:

First Touch Soccer (FTS) 19 on Android/ iOS & Windows/MAC Computer | Features FTS 19

  • Set your own Music

Most of the persons out there get the real energy with their own set of music and tracks. Even if we go and hit the gym we prefer our own music and carry headphones with us. You will be happy to know that in FTS 19 there is a feature through which you can play your very own music in the background while playing the game.

  • Motivational Extras
FTS for ios, Android, PC

Now, this is the feature which is really tough to find out in any of the related game. The developers are careful enough to add even the tiny details like sponsor tags, cheerleaders, and even the crowd response when you score a goal. These extras are enough to keep your motivation going.

  • No issues of lag

As with most fast-paced games, the issue of lag always exists which is enough to frustrate every gamer out there, but the same is not the case with FTS 19 as its intelligent gameplay mode makes the experience lag-free and fast-paced.

  • Controls are easy.

As the case with most sports-oriented games, the controls are pretty tough and are often not placed in a convenient manner. But, in FTS 19, this phenomenon has been given special care as the controls are pretty easy and are placed in a comfortable position so that the player has no issues accessing the controls and play the game easily.

  • Commentary

The commentary is available in the game and unlike most other related games the commentary is available in different languages also.

  • Customized Clothing

Almost, every sports game provides latest jerseys for the virtual teams. But in FTS 19 you can even customize an existing pair of clothing to suit your own style.

  • Be a Manager

If you don’t like to play as a team player you can go behind the scenes and become a team manager and do the same job which a manager will do like picking up or retaining players, signing contracts for the team and many more.

So, folks, these were the cool set of features which FTS 19 boasts of and I am sure, such exciting list of features would have made you crave more to download and play this fantastic virtual football game. Hence, we are not going to put any more delay. Please find the installation steps for FTS 19 on Android/iOS and Windows/ MAC Computer written below:

FTS 19 Free Download Apk + OBB for Android | First Touch Soccer 19 on Android

For downloading and installing FTS 19 APK on Android one must make sure that their device is running on Ice Cream Sandwich OS or above. Also, the device must have a free space of at least 350 MB plus an additional internet data of 250 MB which is required to download various game characters.

  • First of all please download the latest FTS 19 Apk + OBB ZIP files from the provided link.
  • Thereafter, once the download is over please extract the contents of the ZIP Files and as far as OBB files are concerned please move them to the Android/OBB folder on your respective Android device. If you don’t find any folder named as Android then please create the same yourself.
  • Now click on the Apk file for the installation process to begin. Cool! Please wait for the installation process to get over. It won’t take more than a few minutes.
  • Post successful installation, you will be able to locate the icon of FTS 19 on the home screen of your Android device. Click to launch and enjoy the game.

FTS 19 for iOS | Download FTS 19 for iPhone/iPad

  • For downloading this awesome game on your iOS device you will need to install an Android emulator on your iOS device.
  • We will take the help of the services of iAndroid Emulator for the purpose. You can download the same on your iOS device from
FTS 19 for Android, iOS, PC
  • No jailbreak is required to download this Android Emulator and neither it is required to play the game.
  • Thereafter again you need to download FTS 19 Apk + OBB files on your iOS device through iAndroid Emulator.
  • Similar to what you did for Android please move to the internal storage of your iOS device and create a folder named as Android/OBB and transfer the OBB files to the same.
  • Cool! Now with the help of iAndroid Emulator, you need to install FTS 19 Apk on your iOS device. Post successful installation you can launch the game and enjoy it on your iOS device.

FTS 19 Download on Windows 10/8.1 & Windows 7/8/XP PC/ Laptop or MAC Computer

  • For playing the game on your Windows/MAC Computer, again you need to install an Android Emulator on your system.
  • We will use Bluestacks 3 for the purpose as it is built for enjoying Android games on your Windows PC/ MAC Computer. You can download the same from
  • Please download the FTS 2019 Apk + OBB from the provided link.
  • Launch Bluestacks and create a folder named as Android/OBB and transfer the OBB files to the same.
  • Cool! Thereafter please launch the Apk file for the installation process to begin. Once the installation process is over you will find the game’s icon in the App Drawer of Bluestacks.
  • Click on it and launch the game. Enjoy the high-end graphics and awesome gameplay of FTS 19 on your Windows/MAC Computer.

So guys, these were the steps through which you can enjoy First Touch Soccer, FTS 19 on Android/iOS or Windows/MAC Computer. If you face any kind of issue during the installation process please let us know by saying in comments below. Also, if you have any additional questions or queries to ask please feel free to drop the same in the comments section only. We will get back to you with the required answers and solutions to your questions and problems respectively.

Download FTS 19 for iOS | FTS 19 on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak

There a lot of soccer games out in the town and most of them will be of bigger in size or else it should be a purchased one. But here we are talking about an amazing game called FTS 19 aka First Touch Soccer 19 for iOS iPhone/iPad. First Touch Soccer 19 iOS is an amazing game and you can download for your iPhone/iPad.

FTSfor ioS

In this tutorial we will help you to download First Touch Soccer 19 iOS [iPhone/iPad in the easiest manner. FTS 19 is an amazing game where you will be able to feel the heat of real soccer game with a lot of add ons apart from other soccer games which are available for iOS devices.The developers of First touch soccer 19 haven’t made the direct game for iOS iPhone/iPad. We have to install an android emulator in order to install the top notch game on your iPhone/iPad. All you want to do is to follow the steps we have mentioned in the Process phase to install FTS 19 for iOS.

Features of FTS 19 on iOS: FTS 19 iPhone/iPad

Set your Track: There are large number of people who gets that pumped up fell when they listen to their favorite song and the developers has made a huge effort in getting a pretty decent collection of songs to satisfy gamers which many games don’t have.

Real Heat: This is an unmatching feature that makes it a more social game among the ones in the chart. The crowd response, sponsor tags and many such small thing which we experience in real life and being added in the game so that the player gets the opportunity to enjoy at its best.

Intelligent gaming modes: In terms of the gaming need, the intelligent gaming mode is one such feature which provide a fast interface for the game play and also makes the gaming experience a fast and buffer free one. As some games available in the market face this issue of lag, the First Touch Soccer 19 for iOS does not have one such major issue.

Easy Controlling: First Touch Soccer 19 for iOS is one such game with easy controlling. Most games have complex controls which makes it hard during the gameplay, where as in First Touch Soccer 19 iOS game the controls are arranged in such a manner that we can easily access them all and also select options as well as them all without any stress. Rearranging players, selecting arenas etc have all become very easy for players in FTS 19 for iOS on iPhone/iPad.

Features of FTS 19 iOS

Commentary: Commentary is available in different languages and this feature is not available in many of this series. This improves the overall experience during the gameplay and gives the players a reallife soccer feel.

Optimised gaming: This feature of FTS 19 iOS helps you to enjoy the game without any buffer or lag. They made this possible by only using the necessary files and folders for the game and not making the whole program a complicated one. Due to this feature is gaming experience is a more refined and fell good one.

Compatibility: The compatibility factor of FTS 19 for iOS is one which must be appreciated as it is stress free and gives an amazing gaming experience. FTS 19 iOS for iPhone/iPad game syncs well with the device and also tries to blend with the interface and makes gaming a feel good experience.

Install FTS 19 on iOS(iPhone/iPad) Without Jailbreak using iAndroid Emulator

Now lets go to the download and installation process of FTS 19 for iOS iPhone/iPad. As we disccused earlier, FTS 19 can’t be installed directly from the Appstore. So you have to follow the below mentioned steps with download links for FTS 19 iOS.

  • There are a lot of android emulators in the market and you can easily download one from the web for your iOS device.
  • We will recommend you to download the iAndroid emulator for your iOS device to get a complete android interaction on your iPhone/iPad.
  • To download iAndroid on your iOS device, open your browser and search
  • Now the search results will pop down and you need to select iAndroid and install it in your iDevice and it doesn’t need any jailbreak.
  • Once you have done the same, you need to download the FTS 19 APK+OBB for your iPhone/iPad from below link.
  • Now you have to go to the internal storage of your iOS device and now you want to create a folder called Android and now you need to extract the files and move FTS 19 OBB to Android/OBB.
  • Now you need to install the FTS 19 APK within iAndroid emulator and launch the game and feel the soccer heat.

Conclusion: FTS 19 for iOS on iPhone/iPad using iAndroid Emulator

FTS 19 is really a great game and you can install it in your iPhone/iPad easily with the above-mentioned steps and you can try out the game with your friends. Hope this tutorial on Download and Install First Touch Soccer 19 for iOS iPhone/iPad have helped you out. We will be replying for your queries at the earliest.

FTS 19 for PC | Download FTS 19 for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Mac Laptop

FTS 19 aka First Touch Soccer 19 is one of the most awaiting game and the developers have hiked the hype for the game like anything else. But, FTS 19 is not available for PC and its only available on Android devices. So in this article we will talk about installing FTS 19 for PC using Android emulator. FTS 19 is one hell of a game with supreme graphics and game physics.

In this article we are going to show up a complete tutorial on FTS 19 for PC with the help of an android emulator. When we compare the FTS 19 PC with its earlier version, its a lot of improvement the developers have made and its really appreciable. FTS 19 for PC is a game where you will experience a lot of fun and heat of the amazing game called soccer.

Features of FTS 19 for PC

The latest FTS 19 for PC comes up with a load of amazing features and modes like New stadiums, players, kits and much more. When its compared to a production, it shows up top notch quality in every means. Before we get into the download process, we will catch through the features portion of this game.

  • Brand New Kit: When it comes to a game, we expect the game to be fun and updated even in single thing. Here, when its compared to the other mobile soccer games FTS 19 is doing a great job.
  • Constant Updates: We should appreciate the devs of this game like anything and because of this people are getting a good vibe for the same and especially the support section is too way good tho.
  • Commentary and Graphics: All of you should know that FTS 19 for PC is a game with around 200-300 MB but its loaded up with some amazing and quality graphics. Apart from that the in game commentary is also just super cool and rich in quality.

Download and Install FTS 19 on PC using Bluestacks Android Emulator

First Touch Soccer Android is one of the popular games. Most people love to play it on your smartphone at the same way you can also enjoy this game on your windows computer.  In order to play you need to follow the steps given below

You need to emulate the Android game on your computer. First, you need an Android emulator for Windows.  To enjoy the great time you must choose Bluestacks, it is the best choice for its resource-burning nature. If you are not comfortable with the Bluestacks, you must consider emulators like BigNox or Android.

  • First of all, you want to open up your browser in PC and Navigate to the below mention links to download FTS 19 APK+OBB files for PC.
  • Now you have to download the Bluestacks emulator on your android device from and install the .exe file on PC.
  • Launch the Bluestacks Emulator on PC and open up the file explorer and navigate to the downloaded FTS 19 APK and FTS 19 OBB for PC in the first step. Now you want to click on the FTS 19 APK and install it through the emulator.
Features of FTS 19 PC
  • However, now you need to move the FTS 19 OBB file from the folder to Android/OBB within the bluestacks emulator. Now head back to the Bluestacks homescreen and you can launch the Game directly by tapping out the icon.

Download FTS 19 for PC |  FTS 19 for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Mac Laptop

We have updated about each and everything related to the installation process of FTS 19 for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Mac Laptop. You can now easily install the latest version of FTS 19 for PC free with its APK  as well as data files. Before going to play this game, it is important to understand how to install and play FTS 2019 apk on your Android smartphones or windows. To enjoy playing the mod version of the new soccer, it is better to get FTS 19 PC.

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