Top 3 Racing Games You Cant Miss in 2021

In this top 3 list, you will find the top racing games that are currently available for Android. Whether you like to race in a car or on a bike, we have got something for everyone! We did our best to include games from all different genres and styles so no matter what type of racing game player you are, we have got something here for you. Check out this top 3 list and download one (or more!) of these amazing racing games today!

Racing games are some of the most popular games on the market. With racing games for Android and top 3 Racing Games, there is something for everyone! Here is our top 3 list: 

1) Dirt Rally 2

When Dirt Rally first arrived, it was like a breath of fresh air. The game away from the Snapbacks and energy drinks that came before had finally delivered what players wanted: A challenge just as daunting on dirt tracks with rally cars than any other type! Just when you thought everything about this sequel could not get better- they did their best yet again by making sure every bit of detail is explored so nothing feels ignored or left out in favor solely because there are more things for us to do off track too (I’m looking at YOU drift).

rally racing is an incredibly high-skill discipline, and Codemasters doesn’t ask any less of you than a real 4WD WRC vehicle would. At least , in truth none us have firsthand experience or will ever know how it feels to fling oneself through Finland’s dirt roads as quickly Sebastien Ogier can do; but the transfer weight feel utterly convincing when driving these cars with all their raw power while trying not just balance yourself on wheels which scrabble for traction underneath one’s feet .

2) Forza Horizon 4

Although Phil’s love for the Forza series is well documented, he still found himself captivated by this installment. “The racing remains peerless,” says Phil in his review of Forza Horizon 4. It has a perfect blend between arcade handling and detail that ensures each car feels just different enough to give it personality beyond its class or category.”

Forza Horizon 4 is a fantastic arcade racing game with significantly better performance on lesser hardware than its predecessor, more intuitive and social multiplayer features that make you feel like part of the community in every match (regardless if your friends join or not), an ever-changing map which shifts between seasons weekly–for those who want something new each time their fast pass expires! If this sounds like your kind of thing then Forzamotors4 offers plenty to satisfy even when compared against other well known franchises such as Gran Turismo Sport.

3) Stock car racing Mod APK

Stock Car Racing mod apk is a car simulator through which you can feel like a professional racer! Not only does this project combine stock cars with an extensive list of available tracks, but also includes pumping and more modes. The creators have made sure to put together everything for each racing fan in their group so they’ll want it too – regardless if some games aren’t your cup o’ tea there’s still plenty here worth checking out on its own right from beautiful graphics solutions down below ground level all the way up into Top Gear Challenges where players earn points by completing time trials against various opponents at different distances. You can find more latest games on our website as well.

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